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David Chevallier: guitar, arrangements

Quartet IXI:

Régis Huby, Théo Ceccaldi: violin

Guillaume Roy: viola

Atsushi Sakai: cello

Famous composer and jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck manages the feat of creating a very original universe, not devoid of a certain rhythmic complexity, while meeting with great popular success. Several of his compositions had worldwide success, and were taken up or adapted by many artists such as Claude Nougaro (who does not know A bout de souffle, his version of Blue Rondeau in the Turkish style, or Take Five, notably sung by Al Jarreau ?)

The magical sound of the famous quartet that Brubeck formed with Paul Desmond, Joe Morello and Eugene Wright has seduced generations of enlightened amateurs, but also laymen.

“Back to Brubeck” is a tribute to this creator, who passed away in 2012.

David Chevallier wanted an original approach, with very “chamber” instrumentation. But the subject being deeply rooted in jazz, it was not a usual string quartet that he called upon. Indeed, the IXI quartet is exclusively made up of true improvisers, experienced in all forms of this art.

"Back to Brubeck" interprets the music of Dave Brubeck, but also the responses, reflections and variations imagined by David Chevallier.

"This quartet sounds incredibly, Chevallier has found the perfect balance between his electrified guitar and the acoustic band. His interventions, delicate, varied, by the way, add what goes well with this quartet. And what sumptuous writing!!
Which generates amazing music
Played by amazing musicians
In this exceptional concert."

Alain Gauthier - Culture Jazz

Back to Brubeck par Jérôme Prébois
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