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Coproduction Lune de trois/Jazzdor/la Soufflerie/Angers-Nantes Opéra

« Le projet « VoX » a bénéficié du soutien de la Cité de la Voix ».

Anne Magouët : voice

Elise Dabrowski : voice

David Linx : voice

David Chevallier : guitars

Voices. Voices that sing. Polyphony. Guitars.


These are my most distant memories.

From my cradle or my nursery, I could hear music coming from the living room.

But it wasn't a record. It was my mother, who was rehearsing with her companions, in the Troubadours band, in the early seventies.

So this sound - vocal polyphony and acoustic guitars - rocked my childhood, and undoubtedly began to forge my tastes and affinities.

Half a century later, after many musical experiences in the fields of jazz, improvised music, baroque and renaissance, I felt the urge to bring together a few singers I particularly like in a project of contemporary rereading of arias by the genius Purcell.

Anne Magouët, soprano, has been singing alongside me since 2007 in many programmes. She is well known to audiences of baroque music, but her rhythmic rigour and the certainty of her intonation are also prized by leading jazz musicians.


I have known Elise Dabrowski for a long time, but this will be our first collaboration. A mezzo-soprano equally at ease in contemporary and medieval music, a double bass player and a top-flight improviser, her original career and her multiple talents could only interest me.


Many years after our "Is That Pop Music? ", I am delighted to find David Linx again, an absolute reference for the male voice in the world of jazz.

It's a privilege to have such a high-flying performer at our side.


This vocal trio is resolutely atypical. But the members who make it up are so open-minded and curious that there can be little doubt about the osmosis.


I have at heart to appropriate the world of 17th century England, which I now know well, and to transform it in my own way, finding the right balance between respect for the works and creativity.


David Chevallier

"Depuis 2004, David Chevallier, c’est l’art du croisement : la circulation entre les formes, entre les courants, la transversalité, traboules et chemins de traverse. Purcell, par un trio vocal de haut vol (Anne Magouët, Elise Dabrowski et l’étonnant David Linx le complètent), dérivé par la guitare de Chevallier. Grande aventure…"

Francis Marmande - Le Monde

VoX - Photo Philippe Anessaut

Photo Philippe Anessaut

"The Cold Genius" - sortie de résidence à la cité de la Voix de Vezelay

"Beauty, thou scene of Love" - sortie de résidence à la cité de la Voix de Vezelay

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