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(into the)   MAELSTRÖM

Coproduction Lune de trois / Athénor, CNCM de St. Nazaire.

Avec le soutien du Lieu Unique, scène nationale de Nantes

David Chevallier: electric guitars, effects, samplers

Florian Chaigne: drums

Werner Herzog: Electronics, trumpet

Etienne Bernadot: live video creation, manipulation

Sculptors of sound, kneaders of texture, creators of form, three musicians join forces with a video artist to create an unclassifiable visual and sonic maelstrom.


Dreamlike atmospheres, mechanical deluges, crystalline lace and walls of sound coexist in improvised yet rigorously organised forms.

The energy and inventiveness of the guitar/drums pairing are transcended by electronic processing.

The machines underline, superimpose and sometimes oppose the acoustic sounds.

The live manipulation of objects and materials is filmed and processed by video to create astonishing, phantasmagorical images.

The video and audio machines are linked and in constant conversation, for greater interaction.


A visual and audio journey into terra incognita

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