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BORDERS - création  novembre 2024


This new repertoire, written by four hands, is about the border, the place where one can move from one universe to another, from one culture to another, where one can confront the unknown.
The border can also be a bitterly contested or selfishly protected place. Whether you are a tourist, an invader or a migrant, this boundary does not have the same meaning and does not generate the same reactions.

"Borders" deals with this subject from various angles: exile, discovery, migration, encounter, experimentation, friction...

Anett Tamm met David Chevallier's trio in the autumn of 2018, during a first series of concerts in Estonia. She then went on stage with the same team in 2021, when the whole world was frozen by the Covid-19 pandemic.
The programme performed was 'The Ophelia Songbook', which was written jointly by Kyrie Kristmanson and David Chevallier.

The talent and professionalism of this young Estonian singer immediately seduced the three musicians and gave them the desire to build an original repertoire with her.

This is how "Borders" was born.

Anett Tamm : voice, lyrics, electric guitar

David Chevallier : hybrid guitar, compositions

Sébastien Boisseau : acoustic bass

Christophe Lavergne : drums

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